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Anne-Lise Brown

Office:(203) 966-7800
Mobile:(203) 912-6080

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Anne-Lise Brown left the world of nonprofits to follow her mother’s footsteps and enter the world of real estate.

Prior to her current 19-year stint as a Realtor, Brown worked for AmeriCares. The work was fun and inspirational but also grueling.

“AmeriCares was a small organization when I started with them,” Brown said. “I was the director of international programs and I was always traveling overseas. I had a baby and I didn’t want to travel anymore.” Brown saw how her mother, Jenny, enjoyed real estate and how friendly and outgoing she was with her clients. It’s something Brown thought she could do and excel at. “I just loved it, especially the people part,” Brown said.

Brown worked her first year with Raveis and has been with Halstead for the last 16 years.

“I am able to connect with people and the flexibility (of real estate) is very important to me,” she said. “People often have to change their times to meet with me and I’m understanding of that. I go with their time schedules.”

Brown said 80 percent of her business is divided between Darien and New Canaan and she truly enjoys working with older clients.

“I know what they are going through. My mom is 86, and I can relate,” Brown said. “I enjoy working with older clients who are maybe downsizing or moving out of the area. I think they are so wise. I think you learn a lot from working with them.

When they do get into a new home, they are very appreciative.” Brown said she’ll work with anyone, no matter the price of the home.

“Homes have gone from the $3.5 million range in New Canaan. That’s the highest of the high end and I’ve done several of those,” Brown said. “I also just closed on a $144,000 condo in Norwalk and I know a lot of brokers who’d never look for clients looking for a $144,000 condo. They think it’s a waste of their time. I do it, though.”

Brown also takes part in Halstead’s empowerment sessions, which are held about once a week.

“You can attend in person or by webinar,” she said. “I take advantage of those. The sessions deal with how things are changing in the business; they are constantly changing.”

When she is not selling real estate, Brown can often be seen co-coaching the Darien High School girls’ varsity tennis

Business: Halstead Property Connecticut, LLC
Lives: Darien
Works: New Canaan
Experience: Runs the gamut from first-time
home buyers to high-end properties
Contact: (203) 912-6080, ABrown@

Friday, June 17, 2016